Activave Long Handled Body Brush Back Scrubber Long Handled Bath Brush, Body Cleaning Brush, Skin Cleaning Brush (Blue 15")

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Brand: Activave


  • Back Scrubber Reaches Where You Can't Reach, Improve skin conditions: Great results will show if you use back brush long handle on a regular basis.
  • 15" Long Soft and Durable, bath brush long handle plastic was made of food grade, BPA-Free
  • Great For Dry Skin rubbing, ✔ Remove dead skin, improve the appearance, remove pore blockages, and let your skin absorb moisture better.
  • Easy to store: Comes with a self-adhesive wall hook, just rinse and dry after use. back brush long handle for shower is easy to hang on the wall hook
  • Reduce muscle pressure, ensure rest and relaxation. Stimulates normal lymph flow in the body.

Details: Ensure every inch of your body is clean with the Activave Bath and Shower Brush, perfect for every home. These Body Wash Brushes are constructed from plastic and feature an easy to grip handle and soft durable bristles. Directions For Use: Moisten the bristles in warm water and use together with body wash. Gently brush over the body in a circular motion to exfoliate.

Package Dimensions: 15.7 x 2.9 x 1.6 inches